This year special terms for kids from native English-speaking families!





We heartly invite children from 6 to 12 years old to spend their summer vacation in an exciting, relaxating and educational way – in a cozy friendly company of talented adults and kids surrounded by generous nature of Moscow countryside!

Children’s camp “Green bereg” (Green Coast) is located in 25 km from Moscow on the bank of Klyazma river surrounded by pine and mixed forests, in the fenced, clean and well-kept grounds.

The camp is designed for 25 kids for recreation, education, and health facilitation of preschool and school-age children with an individual approach to each child.



What we normally do in the camp: lots of communication, hiking, swimming, crafts, we also play Russian national games, as well one may like to join:

- theatre;

- workshops: the potter's wheel, carpentry, soap-making, batik, cooking classes;

- olympiads;

- sailing yachts;

- fishing, gathering herbs;

- hking with a guitar around the campfire;

- horse-riding;

- acrobatics and traditional Russian hand-to-hand combat;

- tour to handicrafts factory in Jostovo with a master-class of painting trays;

- falconry;

- reading books all together;

- teambuilding, active and board games.




This is what we had last year. This year the camp promises to be more interesting!  

- We’are planning to become international! We camp with English, Spanish native speakers!

- We plan a bit of Kayaking.

- We will try ourselves in blacksmithing.

- Young designer School will open its doors for those wanting to model on the 3D printer.


Yet the most valuable, in our opinion, is that we all strive to ensure that every child in our camp learns to explore as fully as possible and accept his own individuality.

But not only that. No less important is the fact that the individual is  not opposed to the big or small socitey, but delicately become part of it to constitute one whole healthy organism. This task seems to  become our mission). 



Camp  team: experienced teachers, a supervisor -native English speaker (planned), psychologists, a doctor.

Accomodation: 3-storey cottage, cozy rooms with shared facilities (shower, sink, toilet, Jacuzzi).

Meals: 6 meals a day, well-balanced nutrition. A special diet upon request.

Facilities: we have a pool, a climbing wall, playgrounds and sports grounds (football, volleyball), sports hall for gymnastics, private lounge for home theater, dining room, library.

The camp runs for two sessions.



Health-maintaining facilities: Wellness course to prevent somatic diseases and to enforce posture. The course includes massage, swimming, exercise therapy and individual treatment.

Territory of the camp is fenced and guarded around the clock.

For children from 6 to 12 years.

1 session - мау 31 - June 20

2 session - June21 – July 11

3 session - July 12 - August 1

Price - 40 000 rubles for a stay of 20 days (or 2500 rubles per day for reduced stay).

Discounts for large families and groups of four people and more. This year discount 5 % for native English-speaking kids!

The camp has also a group of kindergarten for small children (without an overnight stay).



The price includes:

- accomodation;

- meals;

- cultural, sportive and all-activities programme described above;

- medical care;

- security;

- tour program.

The following options may be provided upon request on an additional fee basis:



- english lessons;

- spanish lessons;

- individual sessions with a psychologist;

- posture correction – individual lessions;

- paintball;

- riding school.